food haul #007 – Travel Report Amberly

A lot of people in Germany start their day with a BRÖTCHEN for breakfast. In some parts oft the country round shaped rolls are called KAISERBRÖTCHEN. KAISER is the German word for „emperor“. The last German emperor was dethroned almost 100 years ago. A BRÖTCHEN is best when it’s crisp on the outside and light and fluffy inside.

Some Germans also like very dark bread as well. It’s called SCHWARZBROT, which means „black bread“. The darkest kind is PUMPERNICKEL from the region of Westphalia.

Traditionally German breakfast is eaten from a wooden board, a so called FRÜHSTÜCKSBRETTCHEN. This design here reminds me of my grandmother.

Nowadays most Germans eat a warm dinner in the evening. For lunch they will probably eat a sandwich or some fries. Here we call our fries FRITTEN and we eat them with a lot of mayonnaise. On the street they are served on little white paper trays with a small fork from plastic.

Germans are very fond of soup. They usually season it with a little bit of MAGGI, which is a salty dark liquid.

Like everywhere in the world German children love candy. Gummy bears are very popular. They are called GUMMIBÄRCHEN. Here in the west carnival is a very important holiday where people dress up in funny costumes. The people in the carnival-parades throw candy – sometimes in little bags like these.

Since a lot of Turkish people are living in Germany LOKUM is a popular sweet as well.

The most popular drink among adults is beer. The local beer in Cologne is called KÖLSCH. It is served with a beer coaster from paper. The waiter uses a pencil to write down the number of glasses you had. He will bring more beer until you tell him to stop. You do this by putting the beer coaster on top of your glass.